Hi there. I am facing issues while getting results...
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Hi there. I am facing issues while getting results while running an experiment. Its showing no-data, however when viewing queries there is data coming in the tables below each query.
Hi Chandra, can you send some screenshots please?
1. Which SDK are you using? 2. Are you self-hosting GrowthBook or using the cloud-hosted version? 3. Which data source are you using?
Using the cloud hosted growthbook sdk and The data source is ga. I was able to connect the data source and configured the metrics.
attaching some screenshots for your reference
Figured this out and got data in the results, however unable to get any data for logged-in users. Tried and tested the query for logged-in user in the data-source. It is returning tables but not giving data for the metrics.
Hi Chandra, I'm a little confused by your recent message. Is it your data source itself that is not showing any data for logged-in users? (As in, you queried it directly.) Or is it GrowthBook that isn't showing results for logged-in users?
Can you send me a screnshot or code snippet of the GrowthBook-related code within your application code?
Please also send a screenshot or code snippet of your Experiment Assignment Query (found at Metrics and Data --> Data Sources --> Click on relevant one --> Experiment Assignment Queries