Hey guys! Team and I have noticed that some of our...
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Hey guys! Team and I have noticed that some of our metrics (pageviews, session_start, add_to_cart, etc) are higher in GA compared to GB. Has anybody experienced this? Do we need to change our queries in GB?
Chiming in since my team actually has the opposite problem. But we're debugging this week, will let you know what we find
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Appreciate it! Good luck to you and team!
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Hi @alert-state-22242 and @tall-branch-42668 👋🏻 I'm going to reply to "metrics being higher in GA4 than GB" here in this thread. Matt, I'll start a new thread to discuss the opposite.
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Conversion Window: The metric page in GrowthBook shows a count of all conversions per day, but some of those conversions may be excluded from experiment results if they didn't happen within the metric conversion window.
Ad Blockers: The use of ad blockers by visitors to your web page can affect the tracking of events. If ad blockers prevent the tracking of the
event or other relevant events, this could lead to discrepancies between GA4 and GrowthBook metrics.
Data Synchronization Issues: There could be issues with the synchronization of data between GA4 and GrowthBook, or the queries used to retrieve data from BigQuery might not be correctly configured.
Tracking Callback Implementation: If the trackingCallback is not implemented correctly, it might not be firing as expected, leading to underreporting in GrowthBook.
Data Source Configuration: The configuration of the data source in GrowthBook might be incorrect. Usually this would be an issue with the Experiment Assignment Query.
BigQuery Table Qualification: There might be an issue with the qualification of the BigQuery table in the queries used by GrowthBook. Make sure that tables are preceded by a dataset, like
Thank you @brief-honey-45610. Regarding Adblockers, that should not be a problem since we are running gtm server side. The data sync issues, I dont believe should have any problems since we are running your default queries (I believe). And regarding the table qualification, this is fine right?
Yes, that table qualification syntax looks correct.