Hi! I am new to GrowthBook. I tried to implement a...
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Hi! I am new to GrowthBook. I tried to implement a new feature that will split my traffic into two groups of users (50%/50%). I want to send some different events to GA based on which variant users get. I noticed that on localhost, it works, but when I deployed it to a real users, they only had one variant of the page. I am using Next.js and React in my app.
Hi Denys, which environments is the SDK connection enabled for? Is it possible it's only enabled on the dev environment?
You can find this out by clicking on SDK Configuration --> SDK Connections in the left navigation bar
Hi @brief-honey-45610,I checked my SDK connections, and I only have the production environment enabled.
OK. Could you send a screenshot of the SDK configuration page?
How many variations ado you have in the experiment? Could you also send a screenshot of the experiment page?
Do you have any override rules that might be forcing everyone into the same variation?
my SDK page:
and my experiment
I didn't set any override rules and also didn't set any metrics , just created a feature with two variants to check if traffic will be split correct.
I tried it on localhost, and it worked fine. After clearing the cache, I was able to see different results of the experiment. However, on production, it always returns a false value.
By production I mean just real environment🙂
How did you create the feature? Was it with the Visual Editor?
No, I created it with features modal.
@brief-honey-45610 Do you have any ideas about what might be wrong, or perhaps you need some information from me?
However, on production, it always returns a false value.
Can you tell me more about how you're testing it? Is it possible that our hashing algorithm is only sending you into the Control because of the ​`id`​ you're using during test? (Like, maybe it's always the same ​`id`​).
@brief-honey-45610 I am using the Google Analytics ID from cookies. I also verified my ID using GrowthBook Dev Tools, and I observed that my ID on localhost and production is different. Additionally, I noticed that the value in the Dev Tools and console on production differs for the same experiment. my localhost env:
and my prod env:
You can see that there are different values in the console and the DevTools for the same experiment.
here also screen from prod with id :