Does anyone here tried to install Growthbook SDK t...
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Does anyone here tried to install Growthbook SDK through Shopify Checkout Extension ?
I've not heard of that
Are you already using the GrowthBook SDK with Shopify via the ā€‹`<script>`ā€‹ tag?
@famous-crayon-77234 if you give more info bro šŸ™‚
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@echoing-park-17810 sure. Will do
Hey @fresh-football-47124 and @brief-honey-45610. We are trying to run GrowthBook in Checkout Extension. Security info by Shopify: Checkout UI extensions are a safe and secure way to customize the appearance and functionality of the checkout page without compromising the security of checkout or customer data. ā€¢ They run in an isolated sandbox, separate from the checkout page and other UI extensions. ā€¢ They don't have access to sensitive payment information or the checkout page itself (HTML or other assets). ā€¢ They are limited to specific UI components and APIs that are exposed by the platform. ā€¢ They have limited access to global web APIs. ā€¢ Apps that wish to access protected customer data, must submit an application and are subject to strict security guidelines and review proccesses by Shopify. We have these limitations from Shopify: 'You can't override the CSS for UI components. The checkout UI will always render the merchant's own branding as shown in the image in the UI components section above. Checkout UI extensions don't have access to the DOM and can't return DOM nodes. They can't return
elements, for example. Building an arbitrary tree of HTML and loading additional scripts using script tags are also not supported.'
The idea is to get Feature value, for example, boolean: ON/OFF. If OFF we don't generate an Extension if ON we generate it. What should we use to implement this? Maybe API? ------ The next question is tracking Data, Shopify has Custom Pixels, and I think that we can create that one for sending data to GrowthBook from checkout. Thank you in advance! cc: @echoing-park-17810
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Hi folks, just to clarify, are you developing the Checkout Extension yourselves and wanting to implement GrowthBook within the extension, or are you trying to modify an existing 3rd-party Checkout Extension so that you can integrate GrowthBook on your website?