Hello All, We are trying to add a new experiment ...
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Hello All, We are trying to add a new experiment and receiving this error, not sure but is it coz of the fact that we are using free tier? (We are happy to upgrade if this is the case though)
that's an error with the data source, not GrowthBook
wait, you are getting this error when saving?
are you an admin on the account?
yes, i am
is it due to the free tier?
Hi Abdul, we don't have a limit on the number of features or experiments you can run on the Free tier, so I don't think that's the cause of the issue.
Users can have a global permission level, but it can be modified on a per-project, per-environment, and/or per-team basis. Could you check this permissions matrix thoroughly and make sure you do indeed have the permission required to create a new experiment given the project, environment or team that the experiment is in? https://docs.growthbook.io/account/user-permissions#:~:text=Comment%0AAdd%0AEdit-,Experiments,-View
sure, will have a look Thanks