hello everyone~ i have a question that Can growthb...
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hello everyone~ i have a question that Can growthbook set a sub-ab-test under an existing ab-test? like i have an ab-test already with four traffic branches participated by userid, every branch has 25% traffic . what i want is to set a sub-ab-test under branch A, and 5% of 25% is for A-a1 sub branch, and 20% of 25% for A-a2 sub branch. is there any manu could give me some leadings?❤️.
The one way I can think of to do this is with the code
so you could check the value of a feature (1) with an experiment and then if you're served variation A, then check the value for feature 2. You could do this pretty cleanly by setting the value from feature 1 as an attribute, then targeting the second experiment to those with the right value for that attribute.
Thank you Graham for replying~ Very nice of you. Exactly, that's what my last choice. just a newbee to check if growthbook support that in case i don't know how to set it.😁