Hello everyone! We are integrating GrowthBook into...
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Hello everyone! We are integrating GrowthBook into our Next.js app and we got a pro account with 2 users. (Me and an admin) I'm lead of a team and I want to enable one of the developers in my team to be able to integrate and test out growthbook features (feature flags and visual editor specifically). I want to understand if there's a way to allow dev access for these things? An additional question would be whether that would require purchasing another user license?
Hi Nikhil. There are several roles that benefit from using GrowthBook, and developers are one of them. We've intentionally kept the price of GrowthBook Pro very reasonable to compensate for the various levels of usage.
We do have developer roles, but they would require an additional seat
Thanks for the clear answer @fresh-football-47124 🙂 I'll reach out to procurement to figure out the plans in that case 😄
I do have one follow up question, maybe it's a stupid one so sorry for that. We have 2 licenses, if I remove myself and add my developer would we still need to buy another license? PS - Its for PoC purpose and we would eventually buy more licences if we are able to solve our use cases.
Hi Nikhil, yes, you could remove yourself and add the developer to stay within the 3-seat limit.