Hi Everyone. I have a question regarding visual ed...
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Hi Everyone. I have a question regarding visual editor. I'm trying to make changes to a specific page on our website, but i'm not being able to paste any JS code or use the visual editor on the page. Basically i click on "Open visual editor", then the page loads and the visual editor screen is displayed on the screen, but i can't use it.
Hi Victor, thanks for reaching out. There are a few things to check. Please let me know what you find. 1. Is the SDK Connection configured to allow the use of the Visual editor? You can check this by going to the SDK Connection's detail page, click the "Edit" button in the upper right corner, and scroll to the bottom to see if the toggle is enabled for the Visual Editor. 2. Your organization is on GrowthBook's Pro plan, right? The Visual Editor isn't available on the Free plan. 3. What user permissions levels do you have for the Global, Environment, and Project scopes? 4. Do you have the GrowthBook Chrome Extension installed on your Chrome Browser?
Hey @brief-honey-45610, thanks for the response. I've checked and we meet all of the conditions above. We didn't have any problems setting AB tests using the visual editor in other oages of our site. The problem was on this specific page