I am running a test with Attribute Targeting to US...
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I am running a test with Attribute Targeting to US only. But under results, I can see that the test is being served to users from all countries. Please help!
We have implementation in react and we call hook to show experiment
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const featureOn = useFeatureIsOn('featureId')

const activeVariation = useExperimentGrowth({key and variations})

if(featureOn ) {
experiment view
} else {
On UI its visible correctly and is shown only to users with featureOn, but
is triggered even when feature is off Checked further and in logs found that callback is triggered at call of hook
and since its hook it has to be called at top level. Can you please help in this how to stop the callback when feature is off? Is there any parameter we need to pass to
to tell that feature is off
@fresh-football-47124 Can you please help.
@brief-honey-45610 Awaiting support. Kindly assist.
Got the reason and solution Thanks 🙂