hi - apologies if this has been asked (i know it h...
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hi - apologies if this has been asked (i know it has in some form, but the answers are not particularly clear & i want to get clarification) - business wants to see experiment results in our data WH. what are the options for exporting (all) experiment results? i have heard that there is an API endpoint for pulling results (is this still true / was it ever?), as well as exporting to .csv (any other options here?) what is the recommended methodology for pulling experiment results? and is it feasible to request results from all experiments, or any kind of ETL would need to go experiment by experiment? Thanks! Is there an update wrt ETA on exporting results beyond .csv / Jupyter Notebooks - is this work item now accepted and planned for development? when is it expected (roughly, Q1, 2, 3, 202(4 | 5 | 6)?
We’re working on more reports for this
The api should be able to get you that data
thankyou 1
Curious to know if you guys plan on building for example a fivetran integration to simplify this process in the future?
Hi Anas, we don't have any plans for a FiveTran integration, that I'm aware of.