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💤 Anyone around for consulting work based on GrowthBook? I would like to have an introductory call which you can receive compensation for in order to determine the direction that we should go with implementing GrowthBook (Javascript stack, frontend & backend), and if it makes sense we will need your lifting for other parts of the process as well. Thanks!
Where are you stuck?
oh, I see your previous question
do you have event tracking currently?
Hey Graham, nice videos & product! We are starting with a fresh integration of GrowthBook, & there are many tools to choose from in terms of event tracking, etc. I am curious on what is the most supported, or most used event tracker / data warehouse with GrowthBook. We are currently using Mixpanel to track actions frontend / backend, but with the sunsetting of JQL, we are more than happy to switch to an alternative product.
ya, shame about the JQL - but we've spoken to Mixpanel., and they don't plan on breaking it any time soon
My advice is to use what you have already. Most popular would be BigQuery (GA4) and Segment + snowflake or Postgress
if you have a technical team, you could also look into Jitsu, which is a bit more work, but gets around adblock/DNT problems
Interesting - thanks for the suggestion! Will certainly look into Jitsu.
Ringba is our call tracking platform. We have everything up to the yellow square figured out (figured out IF it’s the correct workflow lol). What happens on the yellow step?
so growthbook can join back to the mixpanel id for that user
as long as you can also log that id, and whatever conversion or revenue from that event back to mixpanel, growthbook can join back to see what experiment they were exposed to
you can do the aggregation yourself, or use our fact tables, but given your volumes, it shouldn't be an issue.
Beautiful, thank you!