Hi everyone, I'm using feature flags and targeting...
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Hi everyone, I'm using feature flags and targeting the evaluation with a
"Saved Group"
and integrated my
application with
Growthbook Node.js SDK
. My express middleware for GB:
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- initialise GB instance
    req.gb = new GrowthBook(...);
- req.gb.setAtrributes(...)
- req.gb.loadFeatures({ timeout })
      .then(() => next())
      .catch((e) => {
        logger.error('Failed to load features from GrowthBook', e);
My deployment is:
Express app => Growthbook-proxy(with REDIS enabled) => Growthbook Cloud
The feature flag rule is:
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{"id": {"$inGroup": "<grp_identifier>"}} 

Value to Force = on
In the saved group, I have specified a list of string ids on which the GrowthBook SDK helps in deciding which corresponding business logic variant to execute for that particular http request. As in:
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if request.growthBook.isOn()
   then: doThis()
else: doThat()
The problem I'm facing is despite some of the IDs not being in the saved group, GrowthBook's
evaluates the feature flag to
If it is evaluated to
instead of
for an id existing in the saved group, I have a proven justification that growthbook loadFeature function failed to fetch it or the request timed out so it falls back to
. But I'm not able to further debug and find out what's going wrong with the
evaluation. I'd appreciate your response and assistance in resolving this issue.
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What is the default value for your feature flag?
if it is default 'on' you wont know why its returning on - if its in the saved group or just falling to the default
Have a look at this ...
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