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02/19/2024, 2:19 PM
Hey all 👋 I’m learning about Fact Tables and their use cases. I’ve stumbled across some questions and hope you can help me with them. So: 1. How Growthbook runs metrics from the same Fact Table? a. (See screenshot) In the experiment I have two metrics that are based on the same Fact Table. When I hit update I see experiment results and runtime for each metrics separately. Moreover, it shows different runtime (7 and 4 minutes). 2. What would be the use cases of Fact Tables? a. I*s it possible to make a distinct count of a field in the fact table?* i. Context: I put events table as my Fact table. Having the granularity of the event, it also has higher granularity fields, such as session_id. Is there a way to calculate metrics per Session? - e.g unique count of certain events divided by unique count of sessions. b. Is it possible to calculate page-to-page conversion based on time or events order? i. e.g I want to calculate page conversion (event A should happen within N minutes from event B or event A should be right before event
hey @fresh-football-47124 could you take a look please?
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