Hi! I'm trying to do a POC on the A/B experimenta...
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Hi! I'm trying to do a POC on the A/B experimentation on GrowthBook, I'm able to integrate it to my application and I'm getting different feature values based on the identifier that I've set, we don't have any event-driven data at this point, so I'm trying to push some mock-data into a mySQL database and visualise it on the Experimentation Tab. I have a few doubts here: 1. Metrics - I can see that the custom query builder expects an 'id' field, a 'value' field and a 'timestamp' field -> What's the meaning of the fields? 2. Experiments - I can see that growth book expects another table with 'experimentation_id', 'variation_id' and 'id' fields -> Is this the user-id to experiment-variation mapping that's supposed to go here? Do you have any sample data with schemas available for this A/B testing?
1. since we're joining this data, thats the structure of the returned SQL that we need to do the joins. As for the specific value of those, thats up to you, but you should alias them to those names. 2. The mapping is done in the assignment query, which can be found on the data source page. This data typically comes from the trackingCallback event which is fired from the SDK. That exposure event data needs to be selected from the data source - so we can tell which user got which experiment variant, and then join that user to all the other metrics you've defined for that experiment.
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Thank you very much @fresh-football-47124