Hi everyone! :wave: What's your experience in runn...
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Hi everyone! 👋 What's your experience in running multiple experiments at once? We got ambitious and had few experiment each in different funnel stages where we assumed the cross impact to be minimal. We have only 10-15K users monthly so we need to run BOF experiments a long time to get results if we get them at all... Has anyone successfully managed multiple experiments with good amount of data? Did you use the namespaces feature to achieve this? Any and all tips much appreciated 🙏
Hi Katharina - generally we recommend running experiments in parallel
parallel tests may interact, but chances are that a meaningful interaction, where one experiment effects or changes the results of the other, are very rare
@fresh-football-47124 Thanks for the input! In that case what I understand is that all users should be served all running experiments is that correct? meaning that if some experiment does not get much data it more likely has a bug ?
also related on our account we get an SDK out of date notification in the visual editor bug checker. We've checked that it's up to date but this doesn't go away. Is it something on your side @fresh-football-47124 @brief-honey-45610?