Hey everyone! Question about starting new phases/...
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Hey everyone! Question about starting new phases/editing existing ones in an experiment. Someone on our team edited the targeting attributes of an experiment to make it more restrictive but I think by accident they started a new phase which I believe means new randomisation…. We’ve been running this experiment for months and need to leave it running for months more to get all the learnings. Is there anyway (however hacky) to reset the experiment phase config to a previous state that has the old randomisation seed so more users than already have don’t switch variation?
@happy-autumn-40938 do you know?
I believe you can just delete the new phase (top-right drop down menu). You'd need to temporarily set the experiment to draft to do this, and then start it again once the phase is removed. Once it's started again, you may need to edit the current phase to remove the end date.
Ahh - setting the experiment to draft first - genius! Thanks so much @happy-autumn-40938 and @fresh-football-47124. Will make sure I review permissions as well - thanks guys