Hello, everyone. Hope you are doing fine! I have ...
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Hello, everyone. Hope you are doing fine! I have some questions regarding the licensing of the self-hosted GrowthBook solution. Should I discuss it here or is there anyone/a channel I can ping to chat about it? Tks a lot!! ๐Ÿ˜„
On the pricing page, I see the PRO tier is $20/user/month; Just to make sure: I would like to know the meaning of โ€œUserโ€. Is this the end-user using my product or is it people from my company that set AB tests, watch results and so on?
Adding more context... My context involves AB tests that span through Web, Mobile, and Backend services. As my use case is for logged users, for all the 3 systems I can have the same user identifier; My intention is to self-host GrowthBook but I'm not sure in which tier I fit on
Hey @fresh-football-47124 I'm tagging you because you seem to be very active on this channel! Sorry if you are not the right person to answer those questions... Now I'm working on choosing an AB solution for my company and I got interested in GrowthBook. It seems promising and, from my understanding, it has some (if not every) features of Optimizely. Again, tks a lot! ๐Ÿ˜„
Hi Guilherme - sorry for the delay - a user is a user of GrowthBook - so your team
as for your other question - you are correct, you can test over all of your services.
for the Pro tier, a lot of users get that for the visual editor
Got it, thanks @fresh-football-47124!