Hi! I’m new to Growthbook and I’m trying to set up...
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Hi! I’m new to Growthbook and I’m trying to set up the Visual Editor using Google Tag Manager (we chose GTM as we will use this for marketing landing page experiments and we want to install it without help from devs - at least for now). I have a couple questions about the setup: 1. I created a new Javascript SDK Connection and added the Pre-built Script Tag in GTM (as the documentation indicates). The tag is fired when the page loads and the
cookie is set in visitors’ browsers as expected. However, the SDK connection says that the Growthbook API is not connected to my app. Is there anything else I need to do in GTM to make the connection work? 2. How can I send conversion events from GTM to Growthbook? Ideally I would like to have a “Growthbook conversion tag” that I could trigger from GTM to send a conversion event to Growthbook every time the user performs a desired action (signup, visit to some specific page, …). Is it possible to do this in Growthbook? Thanks in advance :)
for 2, GrowthBook does not directly inject events. Instead we use any data source you have - for many users of GTM, thats Google Analytics 4
which you can easily export to BigQuery and let GrowthBook query it
Hi @fresh-football-47124, thanks for your reply. Would you be able to help me with my first question as well? Or is there any support email address I can contact for help? Thanks
@brief-honey-45610 may know - I'm not sure if the pre-built script comes with the real time updates enabled, which may cause GrowthBook to not detect the SDK. It still may be working correctly. You could also make sure the implementation matches the code given on your SDK page when you select the 'no-code' option
Hi Alejandro 👋🏻 Have you read through our guide on using GTM with GrowthBook yet? I've been working on a draft of a troubleshooting guide for the Visual Editor. There are quite a few troubleshooting steps you could verify: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wMYzL1q7CqFq9WjkGJLa0-tuWOexToYSzQXVpWJq9jQ/edit?usp=sharing
Thank you both for your replies! @fresh-football-47124 when I created the SDK I choose the ‘Javascript’ option instead of ‘No-code’ and just took the data client key from there. Maybe that’s why it’s not working for me. I’ll try creating a new SDK no-code connection. @brief-honey-45610 yes I read through it but what I understood was that I had to choose either the implementation from the GTM guide or the one from the Visual editor guide. Both have different instructions for the initialization tag, so I chose the Visual editor guide. Thanks for sharing the new troubleshooting guide, I’ll take a look and try out with the new SDK and let you know if it works :)