Hi All Just wondering how does Growth Book manage ...
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Hi All Just wondering how does Growth Book manage to assign which device has got which variation on an experiment • when the variation would be assigned? when the app launch and growthbook sdk is initiated? or when the method "gb.feature("xxx").on" is calling? • once variation has been assigned, how long that variation maintain its value on devices/users until reset? is it gonna be forever? or there is configuration for ttl on this? • if variation once assigned then it cannot be changed, how will we reset it? will uninstall the app do ? perhaps reset cache data (on android) also? thank you in advance for helping me clarify these questions
GrowthBook is pretty flexible on when assignment happens. Typically its on SDK side, using our deterministic hashing method: https://docs.growthbook.io/faq
It would be assigned when the 'on' or 'getValue' method is called
by default, as long as the randomization unit you're using isn't changing, the user will get the same variant
You can reset the assignment by reseeding the assignment (which can be done through our ui) or changing the name of the experiment
by reseeding assignment, that would effect all users, right? but I am talking about scenario that user got an assignment 2 months ago and they probably forget what they saw on previous login. I want the them to got new assignment base on current allocation between A/B variants. is that possible?
or maybe this might be straight forward if I ask like this, is there a way to reset the assignment value on client SDK side?