Hi We have a feature flag to control the flow of d...
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Hi We have a feature flag to control the flow of devs on the platform for a specific feature! We are focussing on limited users to reach out to for feature roll out (We are using percentage roll-out) We want few conditions to implement These conditions are applied as force rule Most important condition is to see User status = 'passed techinical interview' a. Region = 'Latin and South America' and Year of experience >= 1 = see the feature b. Region = 'Rest of the world' and Year of experience >= 3 = see the feature c. OFAM restricted countries to not see the feature = Not see the feature We have used each of the conditions as a force rule to implement. Finally we have applied roll-out percentage on 50% . We still see there is leakage . The users who do not satisfy the criteria are able to see the feature. Do we need to add these criteria as targeting condition in the percentage rollout rule or Using it as force rule should also do this?
Hi Nishant. are you adding the conditions to a force rule or to the rollout rule?
if you share a screen shot of the rule set, I can help you debug what's happening
Sure @fresh-football-47124
Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 11.41.36 AM.png,Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 11.41.47 AM.png
My understand is if a users does not satisfy the condition we must use force rule to serve them off one by one and finally in the percentage roll out only those users who are eligible should be served ON.
We disabled the percentage roll out to for now to avoid any leakages..
cc :@fresh-football-47124