We’re using the java SDK to set up backend experim...
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We’re using the java SDK to set up backend experiments. When we use the ExperimentRunCallBack, we only get the hashed value back (the unique identifier). For our business usecase, we need the entire json that is being sent to GB for the experiment. https://docs.growthbook.io/lib/java#tracking-feature-usage-and-experiment-impressions
Maybe we’re setting up the callback incorrectly, but based on this doc - we need to set up the experiment result call back at client initiation. If that’s the case, how do we identify which GB response belongs to which request? The unique identifier is a uuid, but the same uuid can be part of multiple GB requests
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in order to emit events based on these experiments / send downstream, we need more identifier data related to that particular request. That seems to be getting lost in the callback. I hope I’m explaining this well, it’s a lot to understand without context haha
We are actually using the TrackingCallback, but maybe we need to feed the TrackingCallback into the ExperimentCallback? 🤷 We just need a way to get other data points within either the TrackingCallback or the ExperimentCallback so that we can do further analysis downstream, and currently if we only split based on uuid, that’s the only available datapoint within the TrackingCallback and is not very useful for analysis
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