Hi team, How should I set up an experiment for 2 d...
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Hi team, How should I set up an experiment for 2 different platforms - Web and App (mobile) if we've implemented Sticky Bucketing and I want users to have the same variant in both platforms? Should I create 2 experiments and tie them somehow or should it be just 1 experiment with both platforms?
Sticky bucketing across devices is a challenge, and would only work for logged in users with a consistent
. Assuming both devices use a JavaScript or React SDK, you would need to create a custom
that connects to a shared datastore such as Redis. We have some example networked sticky bucketing drivers for Redis, Cookies, etc available in our JS SDK, but you may need to stitch a few different solutions together to get them to sync up across devices
If you're using the GrowthBook proxy and want to use "Remote Evaluation", then you can implement our prebuilt Redis driver for Remote Eval Sticky Bucketing and share it across both devices.
Sorry, just realized I wasn't clear about your original question. I'd make it a single experiment if possible, otherwise sticky bucketing across experiments can't be applied.
@happy-autumn-40938 hi , I understand that if we want users to have the same variant on both platforms, integrating StickyBucketing only with local frontend storages (LocalStorage for web and AsyncStorage for applications) will not work, correct?
Correct. You'd probably want to use BrowserCookieStickyBucketService on the front end and ExpressCookieStickyBucketService on the backend (node). You could also rig your own service to use a combination of cookies and permanent storage (cookies + redis for example) on the backend if desired
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