Hi GB Team, I am seeing the following when trying ...
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Hi GB Team, I am seeing the following when trying to setup a visual test “The SDKs in this project don’t support Visual Editor. Upgrade your SDK(s) or add a supported SDK.” -- I checked our SDK version which is built through NPM and we’re currently sat on 0.28.0. Presumably updating to the latest 0.36.0 will fix this issue? The reason I ask is we have an SDK for our staging and production environment. We updated our staging SDK but still saw the same message, do we have to upgrade both in order to use the visual editor? Just making sure we don’t miss anything else before we release the update. Thank you
you also have to tell growthbook what version of the SDK you're currently using
this can be done from the SDK page
if you edit the sdk, there should be a drop down on the right that lets you pick the version
Will that appear once I have updated? As I don’t currently see this
We have both a PHP and JS SDK on our live site
@fresh-football-47124 - We have now upgraded to 0.36.0 yet our old SDK has never updated with the new features
@fresh-football-47124 - I then created a new test SDK and I can only select one SDK language whereas our initial setup was both PHP and Javascript. When I go to change our existing SDK I can only select one SDK language but this seems to trigger the “update” where I can see the version and enable visual/redirect
Any help on this?
you can select the js SDK
To unlock the use visual experiments checkbox, but still use the API key for the PHP SDK
Ok thanks Graham, so even with the JS SDK selected in Growthbook my PHP SDK will still work?
I won’t need to setup another independent PHP SDK? Sorry just want to double check before
you can do it either way - as php is a backend language, the realtime updates dont apply
nor do the visual experiments
Nice thanks for the support much appreciated
FYI, while this will work, we do recommend having a SDK per language. Both SDK connections can be set to the same environment, but the different keys will help if there are changes to how the payload is served in the future
Ok thanks for the head up. We’ll use this as a quick term solution to get some of our quick tests live while we implement separate SDK connections