Hello! hope everyone is doing well Quick question,...
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Hello! hope everyone is doing well Quick question, i have just finished setting up Growthbook + growthbook proxy , hosted on AWS ecs, but after a few minutes running, the container crashes (i think it's the api that crashes first) any idea ? let me know if you need more details
i had setup one feature toggle for testing, and i subscribed on my frontend to the proxy
Is there anything in the container logs?
I haven't heard of this happening
no i have nothing on the logs for the api, i juste have this : as you can see, on the proxy server, polling outputs an error
and the memory looks "stable"
more details: I have a cluster with a single container running both images "growthbook/growthbook:latest" and "growthbook/proxy:latest" i have a good amount of memory setup on each container beside of this i don't know what's wrong
I've not heard of running the proxy and the GrowthBook on the same container - not sure if that adds much
I wonder if that is the problem?
Mmmh i don’t know? I’ll try separating them but it’s like running both images on your machine i guess