Nevermind, I think it just took some time. Might b...
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Nevermind, I think it just took some time. Might be nice to have a notice bar or something to remind people to wait a few minutes after they upgrade? 😓
thanks for that feedback. Yes, that was a transitional state. we'll work on fixing this for others
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It seems there's some issue where our plan switches back and forth between pro and free. It happened again. Can you look into this? We're launching an experiment with a redirect feature, and when our plan switches back to free, it disables it. So it's messing with our setup. 😕
Currently it says Pro when I look at but then sometimes it switches back to Free on the same page without reloading or touching it or anything.
Just did it again after 10-15sec.
Looking into it.
Ok. I think I know what is happening. There is a stale in-memory cache on some of our servers, but not all. We are putting in a fix now but it might still be an hour or so until I can get it deployed. In the meantime going to general->settings and clicking refresh license a few times will hopefully get lucky eventually and clear the incorrect cache.
Again pardon about your less than smooth start to your pro account. I hope it goes smoothly from here on out.
No problem, and thanks for looking into this so fast. 😉
I still shows as free plan for us. And if we try to upgrade it shows error:
Existing subscription found
. I guess our payment went through ok but we might need to wait a bit longer?
We just deployed a fix. I don't think you should see the free plan any more.
Seems fine now yes. Thanks a lot!