Does anyone know of a good way to allow non-techni...
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Does anyone know of a good way to allow non-technical folks to QA feature flags? Our dev team uses the extension which is great, but it's not possible for us to have our marketing or product teams install and use that. Would be great if this was doable via URL query flags. (Apologies if this is answered in the docs, I've checked but couldn't find it) Thanks!
You can force a variation via the url. You set the trackingKey you set for the experiment = the id of that variant
which SDK?
I'm assuming its JS
React. To be clear, it's not the experiment I want to toggle. It's the underlying flag. Often when we're staging new features for QA, we won't have an experiment created for that yet. All we'll have is the flag. While the dashboard is fairly developer friendly, our non-technical team members have had some trouble understanding how to adjust things via the dashboard. So we're mainly looking for a way that we can just attach a link, send it to them, and have the flag turn on/off based on that.
I see
We don't have anything out of the box for this use case at the moment. its not so hard to set this up, though.
Ah, no worries. For now, we may either just see if the dev team can set up forced rules in dev ahead of time, or give the marketing team a simple approach they can use to adjust that themselves
Would definitely be interested in having something like this though, as there is another use case that has come up a handful of times: Occasionally, a customer will have an issue that we've resolve in a new feature, but which is currently flagged. We've added forced rules to opt them in on occasion, but it would be great to be able to just allow our support team to send them a link instead. Anyways, thanks Graham!
Can you open a github issue for this?
(until we have our roadmap setup)
b I suppose we could also handle this ourselves with the
you could set a force rule based on some attribute which can be set by a URL query parameter
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