getting multiple exposures warning and can't figur...
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getting multiple exposures warning and can't figure out why, we're got a persistent cookie that we put as "id" in the sdk and use for hashing, and then we push viewed experiment to GA and that's it. is there any place where a mixup with things normally happen here? like a common mistake or so?
i find this so difficult to track down and debug
our custom cookie has a lifetime of 60 days, and we get multiple exposures on tests (2%) on tests that have ran for only 4 days
this happens usually in two days
either you changed the split percentages
or you're using a different identifier for reporting than you are for assignment
sounds like the latter, to me. Are you sure it's being set on first load? Is it possible that this cookie isn't being saved correctly or is added conditionally?
@fresh-football-47124 thanks for replying, the cookie is always set, but i found yesterday that it wasn't set as "necessary" in cookiebot
so i'm hoping that change will help things
i mean
to me the only explanation is that the cookie is somehow lost or recreated due to something, like a cookiebot blocking the cookie in an xhr forcing the logic to create a new one which then makes the user end up on a different experiment