Hello! Could someone please help me with namespace...
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Hello! Could someone please help me with namespace setup problem (namespaces do not split users correctly)? I have namespace_1 (with a/b-test test_1) with range 0 to 0,39 and namespace_2 (with a/b-test test_2) with range 0,4 to 1 When user sees layout for test_2, in analytics I can see that only test_2 is assigned for this user But when user sees layout for test_1, in analytics test_1 AND test_2 is assigned to him Both tests is used in the same place, that's why I need namespaces. So I think that namespace_1 is not working correctly Could someone please assist with the issue? Thanks in advance!
huh - are you splitting based on the same attribute?
yes, we are splitting based on id in all our tests