Hey team, Is there anyway to get back experiment ...
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Hey team, Is there anyway to get back experiment IDs using the java SDK? When I use the api to get back all experiments using the following cURL:
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curl <https://api.growthbook.io/api/v1/experiments>
 -u {{REDACTED}}
I get back a huge experiments json that includes an id like so:
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    "experiments": [
            "id": "exp_19g61olv2jwe4v",
Is there anyway to get that id back using the java sdk when running an experiment? Right now we are using
to run an experiment, but that just returns the feature’s tracking key as the experiment’s key, ideally we would get back the experiments ID cc: @rhythmic-agency-4145
main concern is — we’re trying to find a way to associate the result of the experiment with the meta data/details of the experiment. the key isn’t unique it seems, since we can have multiple experiments with the same name
from what i can tell, this just sets the feature key as the Experiment.getKey(), and that’s not ideal. https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook-sdk-java/blob/main/lib/src/main/java/growthbook/sdk/java/FeatureEvaluator.java#L183
also confirming that in our local tests we do see randomized results from the
call (50/50 as expected), but we do not get ruleId as the key as expected from here.
is null https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook-sdk-java/blob/main/lib/src/main/java/growthbook/sdk/java/FeatureEvaluator.java#L176
@future-teacher-7046 apologies to ping you directly. Would you be able to help, or direct us to someone who could? thanks!
@fresh-football-47124 would you be able to help with this? thanks!