Hey team - I just set up growthbook on-prem on AW...
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Hey team - I just set up growthbook on-prem on AWS, we’re using Java SDK to connect to it. Following the docs for feature refresh strategy
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GBFeaturesRepository featuresRepository = GBFeaturesRepository
We are unable to refresh our features with SERVER_SENT_EVENTS because of this error, but I’m not sure where to enable the sse-support header. Digging through the Ask AI bot on the docs, it seems like we have to set up a proxy in order for this to work. Is that accurate? If not, how do I fix this. Thanks!! ------
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Falling back to stale-while-revalidate refresh strategy. 'X-Sse-Support: enabled' not present on resource returned at <https://growthbook-api.engine.tech/api/features/{{REDACTED}}>
cc @adorable-cpu-56223
oh nvm, just found the answer — we do need the growthbook proxy for this
I know SSE can work without the proxy, but I'm not sure of the state of the Java SDK for this
@fresh-football-47124 do you know how
should be working? When we use
while on Growthbook’s hosted SDK (as opposed to our hosted SDK), I can see the features refreshed almost real time when I make any changes to a feature/experiment. However, when I set
I never see any indication that features have been updated.