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GA4 + Growthbook Multiple exposures Using Growthbook for a while big fan. Does anyone use growthbook javascript sdk with GA4 and not have multiple exposures warning It seems that the default way to implement growthbook with GA4 as detailed by Graham always leads to the following 2 identifiers not being the same • id used to determine variant (gbuuid from the auto,min.js) • id used to determine the successful conversion (GA4 user pseudo id) Therefore all experiments involving GA4 + growthbook will have multiple exposure warnings after a couple of days of exposure. The only potential avenues i could comprehend to shut that down but have not tried are: • Wait for GA and use GA's id somehow as the id to hash (so they match) • Somehow set the ID for that GA user based on the gbuuid cookie (so they match) Has anyone had success with either route? I think we ought to take one of the following approaches: • document one of those 2 routes if those work/ there's a prefered route • add guidance to the GA4 implementation documentation detailing why it is, that it's okay/trustable + potentially for GA4 projects that it's worth bumping the setting
Warn when this percent of experiment users are in multiple variations
from 1% to much higher as it's a non issue in this context.
do you know why the id's are diverging?
do you know which identifier is changing?