[Bug] We're setting up Growthbook experiments and ...
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[Bug] We're setting up Growthbook experiments and testing the implementation, to see if anything fails before we start using it more. I tested small color adjustments and right away see 2 issues happening on elements that are actually not part of experiment and weren't changed in the editor. 1. When the experiment is running, the price in main CTA button was overwritten to 699kr, even though it was 499kr before experiment ran. 2. We have a button bellow Add to cart that says "Reserve in shop" and it is not possible to click it when any experiment is running, no matter where on page change was done. I had now paused experiments as this is quite large issue for us. This is our Shopify page where the experiment ran: https://www.dk.rains.com/collections/bags-for-15-inch-laptops/products/backpack?variant=47534889238875
Hi Alan - I assume these experiments were done with the visual editor
Can you share the change set that you were loading?
@fresh-football-47124 Yes it's through visual editor. I have done it once again on a new experiment and this are the findings: • I have noticed now it automatically adds cursor:move, with any change so I removed it manually. • Only other change I did was adding a paragraph on the beginning of the DIV
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<p class="text-center mb-4" style="">Bestil før kl. 13 for afsendelse i dag</p>
Effect: • The price in the button is overwritten to the price as was in visual editor, regardless what product is open in the shop. So it applied the full div across every product page. How else can I add text? • This time the add to cart is clickable. Before I had cases it wasn't. • The button bellow that says "Reserver og hent i butik" is not clickable anymore.