We’re noticing that users in a pilot group that ha...
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We’re noticing that users in a pilot group that have capital letters in their email are being served the wrong value for a flag. It seems that GrowthBook is only matching on lower case characters. Does that sound accurate? Obviously we can work around this by ensuring we are converting values to lowercase before adding the attribute, but wanted to verify if this was intended behavior.
you're doing regex or exact values?
This seems to have been exact value from a saved group of email addresses.
Following up on this: • The saved group that is being used are email addresses copied from our data source. The data source has some instances where emails are all lowercase, others where the same email address is in mixed case. • If the lowercase email is what gets set on the sdk client attributes for the user and the target group was set up with the mixed-case version the flag does not evaluate to true. • This definitely isn’t a bug on GrowthBooks part, because saved groups are just strings. • Instead this is more of a feature request (if there is an appropriate avenue for that let me know) to allow for saved groups to have a type associated with it (email/text/phone number(?), other potential common values) that would allow comparisons to happen with some validation/sanitation. For now we’re going to be diligent about creating the saved groups in a consistent manner and sanitizing on the frontend, but I’ve been asked to see if there is a possibility to get such a feature to prevent the inevitable missed diligence by someone creating saved groups.