Hello folks! I wanted to double-check what happens...
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Hello folks! I wanted to double-check what happens when an experiment ends. Are the following true? Thanks! 1. If we're using the feature flag experiment rule to do the randomization and then end an experiment with the variation as Won, that doesn't automatically disable the experiment override rule in the associated feature. Unless we disable the experiment override rule, the variation will still only be shown to a random half of users. 2. If we disable the experiment override rule and don't add any others, then if the feature is enabled in production, the variation will be in effect for all users. 3. If we disable the production feature flag associated with an experiment, the variation will no longer be shown in production. And separately from experiment ending, I'm wondering what happens when we delete teammates from an account. Does that delete any change history, etc. associated with them? Is there a way to disable teammates that are no longer actively using GrowthBook and then reactivate down the road? Thanks!
1. Yes, that's right 2. In order for the feature to be "on" after you delete the experiment rule, the environment needs to be toggled on AND the default value needs to be set to on. 3. Yes, that's right
If you delete a member, you'll still be able to see their change history. If you invite the person again using their same email address the accounts will sync up automatically.
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