#bug-report Hi team, our tech guys discovered that...
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#bug-report Hi team, our tech guys discovered that "Target by Saved Groups" doesn't work as expected. This bug is easy to reproduce: 1. Set up a force rule that uses "Target by Saved Groups". For example, a list contains A, B, and C. The value only be
if it is in the list. 2. Remove one of the items (C) in the saved group and save the change. 3. Check the value if the target is C. Expected Result: It should reflect the latest saved group, the value should be
. Actual Result: The value is still be
Hi @fresh-football-47124 This issue has existed for a long time, do you guys have any bugfix plan? I have received such complaints several times.🥲
okay, we'll take a look - did you open a github issue by chance?
Yeah, sure :👌