Hey team, I’ve just signed up for an account based...
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Hey team, I’ve just signed up for an account based on promised unlimited user seats on the website and it now doesn’t let me add user #4. Which one is correct?
Hi Eugene - we have unlimited users on our self-hosted GrowthBook
that first screen shot - was that with the toggle on self-hosting? I wonder if we can make that more clear
ya, sorry about that - its not the most clear thing - we default to self-hosted
I see now, yeah
Even this toggle is not very clear tbh, which one is selected now?
Is the dress blue or white?
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Another question @fresh-football-47124, are you guys really serious about making Slack notifications a Pro plan feature? Unlike the number of seats it’s critical for us to have early, before we start spending on the service.
Hi Eugene - let me check with the team on the Slack integration
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We're getting rid of the "slack integration" in favor of webhooks, which do the same thing, but also supports Discord and MS Teams. And it's free.