Hey all, is there some way to pick N random users ...
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Hey all, is there some way to pick N random users for a feature test? I'm trying to run an experiment with 5000 users because I have 5000 available tokens for these users to redeem. If the pilot is successful I'd simply turn the feature on for everybody. However, certain criteria must be met, like their age and country, hence why I'd like to use GrowthBook and not a simple list of users.
Hi Aldo
You can pre-bucket folks
you can either do the randomization yourself, and just make sure to mark those users as exposed like they had been enrolled in an experiment in other ways
Or you can use our SDKs from command line to do similar
How are the users getting these tokens? an email?
Got it, so in essence
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1. get all users with matching criteria
2. select N users with custom logic (random)
3. update users in growthbook to add some tag/prop/something to mark them as exposed
I'm assuming step 2 happens outside of GrowthBook
It's basically a new screen where users can subscribe to a service, but that service is limited to 5K users, so we want to expose it to only those users to test it out. Now that I think about it, this is like a closed beta, where at most 5K users can sign up. However, we don't want to show the screen to 10K users and hide it once 5K users are subscribed, that would be confusing for the users that did not sign up in time
Thanks for the guidance BTW