Hey GrowthBook Team, Do you have any ETA for the n...
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Hey GrowthBook Team, Do you have any ETA for the next release of GB and the features that it will include? I ask because I'm very keen to make use of the new Athena assume role credential type which is currently holding us back in the current version. Thanks!
Next version next week
is there a github issue for this Athena role issue?
a PR i raised for it has been merged
to explain the reasoning behind it.. essentially with assume role we can limit the number of Athena/Glue DB's GrowthBook can connect to and limit what a specific connection can "see" in AWS. This can be achieved with Access Key method, but you can imagine all the fun involved with say having 30 connections like this. Managing that many access keys becomes cumbersome and also risky, so using an assume role to obtain temporary credentials for the athena connection allows us to safely limit what each connection can operate on. In most single-tenant use-cases this would probably be fine, but given we may allow third parties to manage their own feature flags, having isolation between them of what they can query is essential.
okay - if it has been merged, it will be on the latest
Cloud is already live
but ya, 3.0 will be out next week, and it has some very cool features