Hey, I am trying to connect to a trino db as a dat...
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Hey, I am trying to connect to a trino db as a datasource for experimentation. What I have noticed is that we can pass engine through UI as presto/trino but it is not passed to the actual client being used and so queries being executed do not pass catalog or source as well. Our trino setup has a restriction where catalog is necessary for resource group assignment and so I keep getting errors like "query does not match any selection for resource group". Also why have we created our own typings for 'presto-client' module and why does it not contain the engine parameter. and how can I check the implementation of that interface? Are we using https://www.npmjs.com/package/presto-client ??
@future-teacher-7046 do you have more info here?
Update : I was able to make it work by adding
and passing the value from params but still I don't understand the reason for creating our own typings.