Hello, we are looking to implement Growthbook on o...
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Hello, we are looking to implement Growthbook on one of our BigCommerce stores and need guidance on the best approach. Specifically, we want to use the Growthbook SDK to avoid the performance impact of visual editors typically used by other AB testing platforms. Additionally, we aim to store theme changes in our repository. Our goal is to test whether a variation of the product detail page (PDP) will perform better than the current one by serving each version to 50% of our users. Is this feasible, and if so, could you provide instructions on how to implement it effectively? Should we store PDP variation A on one theme and PDP variation B on another? How will Growthbook pull the design from the other theme? We understand Growthbook also has a Shopify implementation, so we are looking into how it’s done there as well.
hi Tim - so there are a few ways to do this
if you have different PDP's that are addressable via URLs, you can use a URL redirect test
if the changes are smaller, you can use the visual editor to make changes, and apply them with our Edge SDK to avoid performance impacts
hi, will look into those, thank you Graham