Hi team. I see that there 2 ways to add dimension...
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Hi team. I see that there 2 ways to add dimension. Which one should I use ? My use-case is device dimension (mobile/desktop).
I read the docs and understand like this: The second one (experiment dimension) is recommended because it only considers the first-exposure value. On the other hand, the first one (user dimension) considers value from multiple rows and thus is not stable and not recommended. Am I understanding it right ?
If you can put a user dimension in your experiment exposure table (an Experiment Dimension) we can guarantee to pick the value that we first saw for the user and continue to pick that value. Furthermore, the query will be simpler since we can get that dimension from the same table as the exposure data, so we don't have to do a join. Experiment dimensions are always better so long as you can log the data in your exposure query.
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Got you Thank you!