We are using Segment/Snowflake as our data source ...
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We are using Segment/Snowflake as our data source with the schema specified as
because our tests span Segment sources (web, app and backend). This seems to work well for everything other than auto-generated metrics, which expect the schema to be set to a specific schema. I thought I’d share even though this may not be a common case because I believe one of the goals for the product is cross-platform tests
Thanks Craig. yes, Cross platform is a common use case. We added auto generated metrics to folks get setup quickly. I wonder if folks who use lots of sources with * will also have the ability to write the SQL? I imagine that is the case
I found I learned from the auto-generated metrics things I wouldn’t have thought of on my own (anonymous to identified query for example). It didn’t work, but enough of the sql was there to easily modify. I couldn’t find similar examples in the docs. Realizing as I type this I can likely find them in the code