Your C# SDK on github force to use v1 of hashing w...
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Your C# SDK on github force to use v1 of hashing which is legacy and there is no possibility to set v2 (forcing to v1 is hard coded), so my colleague created issue ( and made pull request to fix this here: Please, make a review and deploy. This fix is very important to us.
Hi Mario - thanks for this
we'll take a look
Hi @fresh-football-47124! Is it possible to define a timeline for the release of the merged fix for setting
in the C# SDK? A week ago, this PR was merged, and we are awaiting the release because it has halted our important A/B testing in several markets.
Hi Mario, Good morning and thank you for your response. Natasha here from the Support Engineering team chiming in for Graham during the EMEA timezone. The C# SDK is maintained by external contributors, so the best course of action will be to submit a GitHub issue here< >to reach them and put this query on their radar. Please, can you submit an issue to them on the link above? Many thanks, Natasha
Hi! We did it and even my colleague created pull request with this feature and this PR was merged into code so we just waiting for release new version of SDK with this fix.
Perfect, thank you Mario for the update 🙏
This can be achieved by selecting the SDK version from within the SDK connector for each SDK: