Hi there Since June 3rd (when we enabled Growthbo...
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Hi there Since June 3rd (when we enabled Growthbook on our website & setup first experiment) we're seeing a huge spike in traffic on our server-side GA4 (Weirdly, it did not affect our client-side implementation.). What could be causing this and what could be a fix? Is Growthbook sending events other than experiment_viewed? We have both website and web app. We run tests on the website, but conversions happen in-app. • For data we send our Server-side GA4 to Big Query and then to Growthbook. • We tried to implement Growthbook everywhere using GTM. However, experiment_viewed event wasn't working with this implementation. • We found a solution: on the website, Growthbook snipped is hardcoded, while on the web app it's installed through GTM. • experiment_viewed event is implemented through GTM and it's sent to both Server-side and Client-side GA4. • We were able to run tests successfully and conversion data is coming in - all seemed fine.
cc @damp-mechanic-76122
We don't send other events
and on server side, we don't send anything other than what you define on the trackingCallback
for the HTML snippet we do the experiment_viewed event automatically -but you can override that if you want
🤔 any idea why does that happen then? we found another similar thread with no answer..
However we just use the default snippet, nothing else.
@fresh-football-47124 when exactly does the experiment_viewed event trigger? It might help us get to the cause of the issue.
Do I understand well, i looked into trackingCallback and it seems to be only needed in custom implementations? if we have the standard snippet + GA4 event installed via GTM we don't need to do anything? I can't find the right docs.
Hi Radvile - sorry - didn't see your new messages
We fire one event when a user sees an experiment
which is fired from the trackingCallback, and fires an event called 'experiment_viewed'
if you're adding the HTML SDK, we fire that event automatically, but you can override it