Hi everyone. How long after we set up a test in G...
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Hi everyone. How long after we set up a test in Growth Book with a connection to Big query should we start seeing data? In the dev tools it shows that the experiment is passing the correct parameters, but it still shows no data in the report. We have reviewed the SDK connection and is working properly + the imported metrics from GA4 also seem to be running the queries correctly but for some reason we are not able to get data into the experiments.
Hi Valentia - yes, if you have a running experiment, you should see data
I would check to make sure the assignment query is working
from data & metrics -> data sources
check the assignment query for your data source
when you test the query, you should see results
Hey @fresh-football-47124! Is it possible for you to do a quick chat with me Thursday AM EST to debug this or know of someone who is able to help me out? We have been trying to set up GB via Big Query for almost a week and it seems we still can't figure out why the experiment is not collecting data
Hi Valentina, sorry for the delay! Did this issue eventually resolve itself? There is a known lag between GA4 and BQ syncing, and since GrowthBook pulls results from BQ, that syncing lag can sometimes cause this problem. If you still need help, could you send me a screenshot of the following? 1. The Experiment Assignment Query (Left navbar --> Metrics and Data --> Data Sources --> Select the one in question --> Find the "Experiment Assignment Queries" section. 2. What you see in the Big Query data table for the experiment 3. What you see in GA4