Hey Team! I have some issue regarding to the loadi...
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Hey Team! I have some issue regarding to the loading experiment feature variant based on its attributes. Not sure it is bug from Growthbook or we are missing something. We have 2 sites running on single server where we are performing Growthbook experiments. On one site we are facing the below issue, while another one working as expected. To initiate experiment we provide uuid along with some page identification. At Growthbook experiment we have
attribute targeting
with page identification and a flag for experiment enabled or not based on site. We have enabled sticky bucket with
, please not we can not use
as we follow GDPR compliances. If we add
while initialising Growthbook functionality, it skips
attribute targeting
condition and shows experiment on all the pages skipping page identification. On inspecting we identified that experiment is being stored at local storage and it initialises experiment even when page identification fails. While if we remove
it works as expected. But we need to keep
as we are using
and need to show same variant to the user. Would be great if we get any help on this, as we are currently stuck as issue is with all the experiments!
Hi Zulfin, thanks for reaching out, and sorry for the delay in replying! The Engineer who built our Sticky Bucketing feature is out this week. I will run this by him when he returns and let you know the outcome.
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