Hello, hope everyone is doing great, when running...
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Hello, hope everyone is doing great, when running my container with the growthbook/growthbook:latest, i've got this error : any idea please ?
Hi 👋 Which parts are you self-hosting? The API, the app (UI), and the Proxy?
Are you saying that the error in the screenshot is coming from the Proxy installation?
Hi Rafik. It looks like there is an issue on latest. We will try and fix as soon as possible. In the meantime you can use
docker pull growthbook/proxy:git-f6cc00f
and include that tag in the docker run command as well:
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docker run -d -p 3300:3300 \
  -e "GROWTHBOOK_API_HOST=<https://growthbook-api.example.com>" \
  -e "SECRET_API_KEY=key_abc123" \
  --name gbproxy growthbook/proxy:f6cc00f
Ok if you
docker pull growthbook/proxy:latest
it should work now.