Hello! I'm trying to get Growthbook to run locally...
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Hello! I'm trying to get Growthbook to run locally using Minikube. Using Docker compose works fine, but ideally I want to run it on our production K8S Cluster, so I'm just figuring out how to get it to work in K8S. Has anyone run it on Minikube? I've got Growthbook up, and the backend seems to be up and connected to my MongoDB instance, but when I browse to GB, I get the following:
In my helm chart I use the following
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  APP_ORIGIN: "<>"
  API_HOST: "<>"
But I'm unsure about what I need to set here to test this using Minikube.
Any help is appreciated 🙂
Hi Kevin 👋 Thanks for posting! August from GrowthBook here. Providing support for custom self-hosted installations is unfortunately outside of our abilities, but I do know there are at least a few customer who use Kubernetes. If searching in this Slack workspace doesn't surface any useful info, please use our AI-powered chat widget in the lower right corner of https://docs.growthbook.io. It is trained on our documentation, Slack history, GitHub repos, etc. and might have an answer for you.