Hey, my growthbook server crashes as a result of t...
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Hey, my growthbook server crashes as a result of these excpetions: "Error: Cannot use JWT_SECRET=dev in production. Please set to a long random string." Perhaps someone have an idea what is the root cause of the problem?
Hi Elisha - you need to change the JWT_SECRET to a random string for security
otherwise requests can be forged
It seems that I did not set this configuration value at all
Is that the default value?
This growthbook server run on inside AKS env, it is not accessible outside the cluster
Yes, the string "dev" is the default value when testing GrowthBook locally. You can set the environment variable to anything else to make the error go away. It's completely backwards compatible, so changing it won't mess up any of your previous data or settings.
We wanted to make GrowthBook more secure by default, since we noticed many people forgetting to set this environment variable in production (sometimes while exposed to the internet), so we recently started throwing that error on server start up if we detect this.