Hi all, very excited to be here. My team is curren...
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Hi all, very excited to be here. My team is currently evaluating Statsig, GrowthBook and PostHog. Would love to hear pros and cons from the community. We have our own data warehouse, so GrowthBook’s pricing makes it a no-brainer. Not sure why PostHog and Statsig are so exorbitantly charged. Am I missing something?
Not really, its expensive to store all that data
pros: + you already have your own data, so don’t need to pay to store it somewhere else again + You get a single source of truth for all your analytics. + GrowthBook is completely transparent with all the metrics it shows. + You can make completely custom metrics that match your. business. Anything you can query you can make a metric. + no costs for traffic or number of features or experiments
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stat sig has multi arm bandits and I believe they have universal holdouts - though that has its own limitations.
Growthbook lets you do holdouts, but it’s not the easiest thing to compare. We dont have bandits yet